Underground America
Narratives of Undocumented Lives
Edited by Peter Orner Foreword by Luis Alberto Urrea
Part of the Voice of Witness series
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416 pages / July 2017 / 9781786632272

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July 2017 / 9781786632265
Paperback with free ebook
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Millions of immigrants risk deportation and imprisonment by living in the US without legal status. They are living underground, with little protection from exploitation at the hands of human smugglers, employers, or law enforcement. Underground America presents the remarkable oral histories of men and women struggling to carve a life for themselves in the US.


“In a time when history is told in cheap television reenactments, if at all, and personal tragedy is gobbled up in rapidly digestible magazine photos and reality shows, this project goes against the grain.”

“Bold and heartbreaking.”

“Average news-watchers who think they have a grasp on the immigration debate may well find these stories, speaking for millions of invisible American residents, no less than revelatory.”

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